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  Superspeciality Services / Anaesthesiology  

The first Anaesthesiologists appointed in the K.E.M Hospital were Dr.K.G. Utturkar and Dr.A.R. Ghokale in the early sixties. Dr. Dhamankar and Dr.S.G. Pathwardhan followed them.




They were all appointed on a part-time basis and offered Anaethesia service by rotation. The first M.D. qualified anaethetist appointed was Dr. Anand Bhatia in the year 1970. Before him, the unit was under the Department of Surgery headed by Dr. P.K. Bharucha, Director of Surgery. It is now an independent department of the hospital.




Dr. F.J. Mendonca, after retiring as the Dean of the B.J.M.C and Sassoon Hospital, took over charge as the Medical Administrator in the KEM Hospital. He was largely responsible for getting the Department of Anaesthesia and Dr.Anand Bhatia recognized for the postgraduate diploma and degree course (M.D) of the Pune University.




Soon, the College of Physicians and Surgeons gave recognition for the D.A (CPS) and FCPS (Anaethesiology) course to the KEM Hospital.




The first Respiratory Intensive Care Unit was started in 1973 under Dr. F.F. Wadia. Along with that came the installation of the Blood Gas Analysis Apparatus (Radiometer) which gave instant direct readings of the Blood Gas Analysis Apparatus (Radiometer) which gave instant direct readings of the respiratory parameters.




The Department of Anaethesiology remains associated with intesive care and has contributed largely to respiratory care and artificial ventilatory management.

  The Team:  
Dr. A.B. Bhatia, M.D. D.A., Director, Department of Anaethesia
Dr. (M.S.) S.S.Joshi, M.D.D.A
Dr. Rajshree Godbole, M.D
Dr.B.D. Bande,M.D.
Dr. J.J. Jana, M.D., D.N.B
Dr. (Mrs.)S.B. Bande
Dr. K.B. Padwal,M.D.
Dr. Aditi Kothurkar, D.A., D.N.B
Dr. Madhuri Lokapur, M.D, DA (UK)
  Types Of Equipment:  
Pulse Oxymeter
Non invasive B.P. monitor
End tidal CO2 monitor
Temperature monitor
Invasive B.P. monitor
Multipara monitor
Anaesthesia ventilators
Anaesthesia machines with vaporisers including sevoflurance vaporizer
Laryngeal mask airways
Intubating fiberscope
  Type of cases handled:  
General Surgery
Paediatric Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Cardiac Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
Uro Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecological Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Transplant Surgery
Proshtetic Surgery
Joint replacement Surgery
  Facilities Available:  
All kinds of specialized anaesthesia techniques
Postoperative analgesia
Labour analgesia
Chronic pain relief

The department is recognized for DA and FCPS of the college of Physicians & surgeons, MD Anaesthesia (Pune University) and the DNB in Anaesthesia.It has a comprehensive postgraduate teaching program.




KEM students are practicing anaesthesia and holding responsible positions all over India and abroad and have contributed to standard textbooks read globally.

  Contact Informaton:  
  Dr. Bande - 9822051593,  
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