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  Blood Bank  

The KEM Hospital Blood Bank was started in 1973 and the first Blood Bank in Pune to provide exclusively voluntarily donated blood. It has stringent screening procedures to ensure safe transfusion. It is also the first unit in the city to start blood component separation for more efficient and economical therapy. The Honorary Administrator of the Blood Bank is Dr. Jeroo Coyaji.


From its inception, the Blood Bank has always insisted on using the best technology and the latest screening techniques. Specialized machines like AXSYM are used to test blood for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The LISS COOMBS Cross Matching technique for compatibility testing and Baxter CS 3000 Plus Cell Separator for platelet aphaeresis are other machines using advanced technology.



Management of cases complicated with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) is greatly facilitated by the ready availability of fresh frozen plasma and platelet concentrates in addition to packed cells and whole fresh blood transfusion.

  The KEM Hospital Blood Bank was the first in Pune:  
To test for Hepatitis;
To separate blood into components;
To do HIV testing before it was mandatory;

To supply platelet aphaeresis to various hospitals in Pune and other cities like Sholapur, Sangli, and Kolhapur etc.


Thalessemia is an inherited disorder that causes mild to severe anemia. The disorder occurs due to a fault in the production of haemoglobin.


The most common treatment for all major forms of Thalessemia is red blood cell transfusion. These patients require transfusion once or twice a month or sometimes even 3-4 times. Most of them cannot afford the cost of the repeated transfusions.


The KEM Hospital earnestly appeals to all its well wishers to sponsor the cost of transfusions or donate blood generously. If you wish to enroll on our THALESSEMIA GIFT LIST please:

  CONTACT: Dr. Majumdar- 020-66037324.  
Give from your heart…………………. Give both.
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