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  Superspeciality Services / Cardiac Care Centre  

There are at least 50 million patients of coronary artery disease in India. Recent statistics released by the WHO indicate that by 2015 heart attacks will be the single greatest 'killer' in India. Current projections suggest that by the year 2020 India will have the largest cardiovascular disease burden in the world.


To keep up with the rapid developments in the field of medicine, and to provide cardiac patients with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, the KEM Hospital started a high tech Anuskha KEM Catheterization Lab and state-of-the-art Cardiac Surgery facilities in August 2005.

  The Team  
  Cardiac Consultants:  
Dr. Milind Gadkarni, M.D., M.R.C.P(UK)
Dr. M.S. Hiremath, M.D, DM(Cardio), MNAMS,FISE
Dr. N.M Kulkarni, M.D, DNB, DM(Cardio)
Dr. Abhijit Palshikar, M.D, DM (Cardio)
  Cardiac Surgeons:  
  Dr. Vinayak Karmarkar, M.S., M.Ch.  
  Dr. Anvay Mulay, M.S., M.Ch  
  Dr. Phiroze Davierwala, M.S., M.Ch  
  Dr. Ashutosh Hardikar, M.S., M.Ch  
  Dr. N.T. Thakur, M.S, DNB, M.Ch (CVTS).  
  Dr. Advait Kothurkar, M.S., DNB, MRCS (Vascular Surgeon).  
  Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab):  

The KEM Hospital has a sophisticated Cardiac Cath Lab housing the first flat panel Philips Allura X-Per FD-IO in Pune city. All interventional cardiac procedures like angiographies, angioplasties, BMV BPV, fitting of permanent pacemakers, can be carried out here. A 24-hour facility for primary angioplasties for acute developing heart attacks is also available. Providing compassionate service to patients has always been the hospital's prime objective. With the opening of the KEM (Anuskha) Cath Lab, cardiac care of international standards is within the reach of all.

  Cardiac Theatres:  

The KEM Hospital has recently constructed a modern cardiac surgery theatre suite consisting of advanced technology cardiac operation theatres with an eight-bedded recovery room. The unit performs Adult Cardiac Surgeries, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries and Vascular Surgeries.


Besides the facilities provided by the Cath Lab, the Cardiac Care Centre unit also provides non-invasive services of adult and pediatric echocardiography and cardiac color doppler study. Specialized services in fetal echocardiography are also available on appointment basis. Computerized treadmill test is also available to all at the most affordable cost. Specialized Nuclear studies in cardiology, including Thallium stress test, are also available in the same campus.


The Cardiac Care Centre is backed up by a comprehensively equipped, high technology Intensive Cardiac Care under highly trained and team of special nurses and doctors.


Procedures/ Surgeries: Some of the main surgeries performed so far with good out comes are:

CABG on pump & off pump CABG
Aortic valve replacement
Mitral valve replacement
A.S.D & V.S.D corrections
Tetralogy of Fallots
  Future Plans:  

The Cardiology Department plans to provide Tele-medicine and e-mail consultation facilities for peripheral CCUs/ICUs. Cardiac ambulance services will also be started.

  Miss. Vidya (Cath Lab): 020-66037432  
  Dr. D. Rao (For Cardiac Surgeries):020- 66037386  
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