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  Speciality Services / Dermatology  
  History of the Unit  

The unit was started in 1968 under the leadership of Dr B B Gokhale, retired Professor of Dermatology from Sassoon General Hospital Pune. Initially only two days of outpatient activities were started, which were slowly expanded to the present scope of the unit. Among the current team of consultants, Dr Parakh and Dr Tawade joined the unit in 1982, Dr Bhartia in 1990 and Dr Dhanashree Bhide in 2005.

  Services / Facilities / Equipment Offered  

The unit provides treatment on outdoor basis and admits the patients if needed. The unit also takes a proactive approach to providing health education. Except for laser surgery, various types of dermato surgeries are done in the unit such as.

Electric cauterization
Chemical cauterization
Cryo therapy
Skin grafting
PUVA therapy
UVB therapy
Chemical peeling
Strengths / Achievements  

The consultants working with the unit are highly qualified professionals who are renowned in their field of work. The unit is especially recognized nationally and internationally for its work in vitiligo. All the consultants working here have published papers and written extensively on the subject. The unit is also recognized for MD and DNB (Skin). CPS, DDV and FVPS courses are also conducted at the unit.

  Currently the unit is conducting research in a project in collaboration with Reliance  
  Biotech entitled "Meconocyte culture in vitligo"  
The project involves the following :  
Culture melanocyte from apparently normal skin or vitiligo
To standardize the procedure for culture of meconocyte
To compose the melanocyte from vitiligo and from normal controls.

To try and use cultured meconocyte in the same patient as a therapy (cultured graft).

  The unit looks forward to an exciting future where it aims to fulfil the following goals  

To upgrade the department having all the facilities including microdermabrasion, radio frequency and laser.

To start separate unit of Cosmetology.
To start certificate course in Cosmetology.
  Sister-in-Charge OPD: - 020- 66037399  
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