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Diabetes is a chronic disorder that requires life long treatment and if untreated can affect vital organs in the body once the complications set in, the disease ravages the vital organs and spells dom. Diabetes is said to be a "silent" disease. Patients therefore need to be educated regarding the killer disease. Therefore, an efficient diabetes management team lead by a diabetologist and supported by paramedical personnel educates patients on basic facts about diabetes and day-to-day management to avoid further complications.

The KEM Diabetes Unit is the first such centre providing services to diabetic patients at very affordable rates.


The Diabetes Unit of the KEM Hospital was started in 1985 under the Department of Medicine and offered a weekly outpatients clinic. It grew rapidly after it received a research grant in collaboration with Dr. TDR Hockaday, Oxford, UK. With the appointment of separate staff and new laboratory facilities, it soon it became a referral centrefor diabetic patients in the region and a research centre of repute.


Further expansion occurred in 1992-93 with the set up of the Pankunwar Firdodiya Diabetes Day Care Centre and the Kamalnayan Bajaj Diabetology Research Centre. The Diabetes Unit soon became the best referral centre for diabetic patients in the region. It offers organized patient education for the first time in Western India, in addition to providing quality patient care. When it started Pankunwar Firdodiya Diabetes Day Care Centre offered patient education for the first time in Western India, in addition to providing quality patient care. Special clinics are held for diabetic children and their parents and for pregnant diabetic women. Continuing Medical Education sessions for family physicians, postgraduate students as well as nurses is an important additional activity. The KEM Diabetes Unit is the most active units of its kind.

Dr. Chittaranjan S. Yajnik, Head of the Department, MD, FRCP
Dr. Shailaja Kale, Senior Consultant
Dr. Harsada Kudalkar, Consultant
Dr. Jayant Deshpande, Consultant
Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh, Consultant
Dr. Gauri Damle, Consultant
Dr. Sanjay Sane, Foot Surgeon
Dr. Manisha Deshmukh, Preventive Foot Care
Dr. K. Meenakumari
Dr. C. Rao, Asst.Lecturer.

IDDM Clinic: A special clinic for children suffering from diabetes.

Foot Clinic: This unit is set up for the early detection and treatment of foot which is the most common part of the body which gets affected in Diabetic patients.

  Diabetes Research Unit  

Some of the studies being conducted by the Research Center are described in brief below.

  1. Wellcome Diabetes Study  

Our first research project was designed to study the characteristics of different types of diabetes that are seen in this part of the country and was named `Wellcome Diabetes Study' to acknowledge the generous financial support from the Wellcome Trust, London, U.K. A detailed study of diabetic patients in India from the time of diagnosis of diabetes and subsequent follow-up to know more about the course of the disease and its complications.


Data from `Wellcome Diabetes Study' shows that body weight and fat distribution are linked to blood pressure, circulating lipids and leak of proteins from the kidney. This prospective study of diabetic patients is the first of its kind in our country and has provided useful information about the long-term outcome of diabetic patients and the determinants of diabetes-related complications, which develop over a period of time.


2. The foetal-infant origin of adult diabetes and Diabetes and ischaemic heart disease


heart disease is a study conducted in the rural hinterland of KEM's Shirdi Sai Baba Hospital (a 35 bed, secondary rural hospital run by KEM at Vadu Budruk in Shirur Taluka) (provide link to Vadu Hospital), are other renowned research projects of the Diabetes Unit. For more detailed information on these and other research projects, visit the diabetes web page.

  3. Expecting Mother's, their diet and diabetes in their children  
  4. Fibrocalculous Pancreatic Diabetes  
  5. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance  
  6. Sleep-related disorders and diabetes  
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