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KEM Hospital provides high quality emergency services for preliminary care to severely ill or injured patients.

The unit is staffed by full time doctors and qualified nurses and well equipped.

The emergency unit is backed up by 24 hr Blood Bank, Pathology labs, Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging facilities like USG, MRI, Scan, 5 Operation Theatres and Intensive Care Units for adults, children and neonates.


There is a special paediatric ambulance for critically ill neonates and children


The casualty unit is equipped to handle any kind of medical emergency 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


KEM Hospital conducts a one year in Post Graduate Certificate Course in Emergency Medical Services.

In an emergency call:

Ambulance Service: Call Mrs. Srinivasan or Miss. Amruta- 020-26113165.

Neonatal Ambulance: 020-66037426
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