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Pune's first state of the art ICU began at the KEM Hospital with 3 beds in the early seventies. Expansion was inevitable and in 1986, a modern, 7-bedded Intensive Care Unit with central oxygen supply, central suction, multipara monitors and ventilators was set up. Being in great demand as a dependable ICU, it has metamorphosed into a 25-bedded Ultramodern ICU. Today the KEM ICU has an annual turnover of over 6000 patients and caters to a wide variety of critically ill patients. KEM Hospital has made highly modernized, sophisticated and up to date Critical Care treatment available to even to the common man.


The ICU has all types of multipara monitors, defibrillators, ventilators. The ICU also has facilities for carrying out haemodialysis, plasmapharesis, peritoneal dialysis and other complicated procedures. There are specially prepared isolation rooms to take care of infected patients.


The ICU team presently comprises about 25 doctors who are available on shift basis to give 24 hour coverage to ICU and backed up by about a 100 strong nursing staff.

  Chief Intensivist:  
Dr. Pradeep D'Costa, DNB (General Medicine),Diploma in Critical Care(ISCCM)
  Senior Consultants:  
Dr. R.R. Gadia, D.N.B(Med)
Dr. B.D. Bande, M.D.
  Other members:  
Dr. Sachin Jagdale FCPS (Gen Med), Diploma Critical Care( ISCCM)
Dr. Sandeep Thorat- FCPS (Gen Med), Diploma Critical Care( ISCCM)
Dr.(Mrs) Pratibha Patel- DA, Diploma Critical Care( ISCCM)

A wide variety of cases are treated with good outcomes: Sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, polytrauma patients, head injuries, complicated postoperative cases, obese critically ill patients.


The unit also handles multiple toxicological emergencies including poisoning of various types, snakebites, etc.


Oncologic Emergencies are handled with special care.



Round the clock cover by a fully trained Intensivist.


Round the clock facilities for dialysis and all emergency procedures, scopies, resuscitation, etc.


Isolation rooms specially prepared for highly infected patients.


Senior Coordinator- Medical Social Worker who counsels relatives and supports poor & needy patients.

5. Round the clock ICU Technicians.
  Mrs. Perveen Bharucha: 020- 66037389 between 9 am and 1 pm.  
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