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Deafness is as severe a disease as blindness. However, it suffers from a lack of public awareness, primarily because it is an invisible disability. A deaf child is unable to interact with his or her own family and, as a result, anger and frustration often become an integral part of his/her growing up years.


Today, India has about 3 million deaf children. 1 child in every 1000 is born with a severe hearing problem. Early detection and taking corrective steps is of the utmost importance.


As a part of its commitment to achieve early detection of hearing loss, the KEM Hospital has established a Universal Hearing Screening programme, the only one in Maharashtra. Every baby born at KEM Hospital is assessed for hearing loss before discharge. This facility is available to babies born outside the KEM Hospital also. Contact Anuradha at 020- 66037482 between 9am and 4 pm for an appointment if you wish to bring your baby for testing.


The hospital has also set up a Cochlear Implant Unit for performing Cochlear Implant Surgery. The Cochlear Implant is a device which is implanted inside the inner ear. It bypasses the deficient hair cells in the inner ear and directly stimulates the nerves of hearing. A Cochlear Implant guarantees a near normal life for almost all deaf children. Benefits of Cochlear Implants are highest if implanted in the first 2 years of life, which is the period during which every child learns to hear and speak.


Post surgery there is an integral rehabilitation program varying from a year to 18 months during which the cochlear implanted child must undergo training in listening and speaking. The child is then able to develop near normal speech and language skills enabling him/ her to become part of mainstream society.

  To date 14 cochlear implants have been successfully performed in the KEM Hospital.  

Aarambh, a support group for Cochlear Implanted children is held on the last Tuesday of every month. Anyone who wishes to attend please contact Anuradha at the above number.

  CONTACT: Mrs. Anuradha- 9881479703  
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