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  Speciality Services / Ophthalmology  
  The unit has a dedicated team of highly trained consultants, consisting of  
  Dr. Sanjay Shah,MS (Head of the Unit)  
  Dr. R.D. Kolte, M.S, DOMS  
  Dr. V. Deodhar, M.S  

The unit runs a well-equipped outpatient department. The services and facilities offered are:

i) Topcon Fundus Camera for performing Fundus Fluorescein Angiography

Green Laser for treating patients with Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Vascular Disorders, Prophylactic treatment for Retinal Holes.

iii) A-scan for calculating Intraocular Lens Power.

YAG Laser for performing Laser Capsulotomy for post cataract patients and Prophylactic Peripheral Iridotomy for the patients with Primary Narrow Angle Glaucoma.


Dicon Auto Perimeter for the diagnosis of glaucoma and for patients with Neuro-ophthalmic problems.


Well equipped operation theatre with Carl Zeiss operating microscope and Vitrectomy machine.

vii) Cornea transplant.

The unit has an expert faculty performing Manual SICS surgery and Phacoemulsification. It conducts Cataract Surgery camps for economically poor patients once in 4 months. Needy patients are operated at concessional rates.

  Contact :  
  Mrs. Alka Harkare (OPD Sister-in-Charge) - 020- 66037400/ 66307401.  
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