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The Pulmonary Medicine Unit at the KEM Hospital, which works under the Department of Medicine, was started nearly 30 years ago, in the 1970s. Dr. Madhav Kale, HOD one of the most senior Chest specialists in the city. heads it. Dr. Parag Khatavkar and a team of resident doctors ably assist him. The unit strives to maintain high ethical standards with the main objective of providing cost-effective treatment to the patients who come to the KEM Hospital.


The consultants in pulmonary medicine are highly skilled and well versed with both therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Some of the procedures performed routinely at the unit are:

Bronchial lavage
Broncho-alveolar lavage
Endo-bronchial biopsy
Trans-bronchial biopsy
Trans-bronchial FNAC
Closed pleural biopsy
Intercostals drainage
FNAC / Tru-Cut biopsy of lung
Removal of foreign body

The Unit also has sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment, such as:

A Pulmonary Function Test machine (Jaeger make)
A Fibre-optic Bronchoscope (Olympus make)

Allergy tests (followed by specific immuno-therapy), Tuberculin tests and Streptomycin skin testing are also carried out on an OPD basis. The Medical Social Worker attached to the Chest OPD counsels patients suffering from Tuberculosis and Asthma.


The Chest Unit staff, organizes Asthma Awareness and Diagnostic Camps, on a quarterly basis, throughout the year.


The Pulmonary Function tests are carried out daily. Bronchoscopies are scheduled at the Endoscopy room or in the ICU of the hospital.


Each year, two students are inducted for the Diploma in Tubercular Diseases (TDD), under the College of Physicians and Surgeons. This is a post-graduate diploma with the syllabus covering tubercular and non-tubercular chest diseases. Chest related procedures viz., bronchoscopy, intercostal drainage, pleural tapping and biopsy, Tru-Cut biopsy of lung, medical thoracoscopy and PFT are also covered under the syllabus.


The Unit also conducts research in the field of Pulmonary Medicine. In 2004, research done on the "Indian scenario of Tuberculosis" was published and presented at the Ruhrland Clinic in Germany. Phase 2 study on "Efficacy and Tolerability of RBX-7796 in patients with Asthma" was published in the year 2003.


Dr. Parag G. Khatavkar- 98901-41514


Email ID : drpgkhatavkar@yahoo.co.uk

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