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  Department Of Pathology:  

This department, set up several decades ago, has grown exponentially since 1984 when Dr. Rumma Manchanda, took charge. She is now the Director of the Department of Pathology. Specialized tests done with the latest equipments are being performed in each of the laboratories run by the department.

  The Team:  
Dr. Rumma Manchanda, M.D. (Path)- Director, Pathology
Dr. S.S. Naik, M.Sc (Med Biochemistry),PhD -Head, Biochemistry Unit
Dr. A. M. Pradhan, M.D. (Path), D.C.P.-Hon. Consultant- Histopathology

Dr. Priyanka Nayar, M.D. (Path), Certified Training in Onco pathology -
Associate Consultant Pathologist

Dr.(Mrs) N.R. Kolte, M.D. -Consultant- Cytopathology
Dr. K.B. Niphadkar, M.D. (Path) Consultant Microbiologist
Dr. A.S.Joshi, M.D. (Pathology) Associate Consultant Histopathologist
  Haematology Unit:  

K. E. M. Hospital has a fully established and computerized Haematology Laboratory, which has been operational since 25 years. It is the only laboratory in Pune with a Platelet Aggregometer to diagnose rare platelet function defects like Glanzmann's Thromboasthaenia, Bernard Soulier Syndrome, von Willebrande's Disease, etc


The laboratory is equipped with Cell Counters. In addition to routine haematological investigations, Peadiatric Heamatology is also carried out. Complete work ups for all cases of anaemia (deficiency anaemias, haemolytical disorders, haemoglobinopathies and aphasias). Facilities for diagnosis of Leukemias including cytochemistry, i.e. LAP Score, PAS, Peroxidase, NSE and markers are available.

  There are facilities for conducting Bone Marrow Aspirations and Biopsies.  

Coagulometers, Coagulation factor assays, useful in the diagnosis and treatment of various bleeding and clotting disorders, e.g. Hemophilia, Thrombocytopenia, Thrombotic Disorders etc. are available here. Screening tests for Thrombophilia is also available.


The unit maintains the highest standards of Quality Control by participating in external quality control programmes.

  Biochemistry and Endocrinology:  

The Unit is equipped with an Autoanalyser, Immunoanalyser, PCR Unit, Hitachi Randox Random Access Analyzer and Mini Vidas Bio Merieux. In addition to the routine biochemical tests done here, it is the only referral center for diagnosis of In Born Errors of Metabolism.


Therapeutic drug monitoring ,Blood Gas Analysis, Hormone Concentrations in Plasma which are useful in the study of Endocrine Disorders and other Autoimmune disorders are some of the other facilities available in this unit.


The Microbiology Unit of the K.E.M. Hospital is the leading Automated Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in Pune District. It lends a helping hand to other research institutes in and around Pune.


The unit is equipped with an Automated Blood Culture System for rapid identification and isolation of common pathogenic bacteria, Fungi and Mycobacterium (Tubercular bacteria).


Serological detection of HIV, HBsAG, HCV, Typhoid, Rickettsial fevers, Infectious Mononucleosis, Rheumatoid Factor and the detection of Dengue Antigen/Antibody and Leptospira Antibody are some of the facilities provided in the Department.


The Microbiology Unit plays an important role in the various Research Projects conducted by the KEM Hospital Research Center. Some of the prestigious and landmark projects in which this department has been involved are:


Effects of maternal nutrition and low birth weight amongst newborn babies. (USAID-ICMR).

  Bacterial pneumonias and Meningitis in neonates.  
  Meningitis Vaccine Project (WHO-Serum Institute of India)  
  J.E. Vaccine Project (ICMR).  
  Avert HIV (Tata Trust)  

Newer tests and techniques, which are used in these research projects, are later successfully incorporated as routine diagnostic tests, implementing successful technology transfer.

  Histopathology Unit:  

The Histopathology Unit is equipped with sophisticated instruments and the latest technology. It has recently established an Immunohistochemistry section that has the facility for all RHC- Biomarkers.


The unit provides services for round the clock diagnosis of frozen section and intraoperative decision-making. In addition, the unit is equipped with facilities for Photography, Telepathology and related Research. There is an entire set up for diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic decisions in Renal Pathologies.


More than 3000 specimens and biopsies from various specialties of medicine are received every year. It also gets referrals for histotechnology and second opinions from other institutes.

  Cytology Unit:  

An integral part of the Pathology Department, the Cytology Lab has the facility to do fine needle aspiration body fluid cytology and PAP smear. The Cytopathology section is equipped with a cytocentrifuge. Liaison with the Radiology dept. for imaging guidance (under Computed Tomography) renders virtually all body sites accessible to the fine needle (for FNAC and biopsy), thus allowing consistent tissue diagnosis of the patients.


All units of the Pathology Department are recognized for teaching of DPB, FCPS, M.Sc., PhD and DNB Pathology and for training of DMLT students.


The Microbiology Unit is recognized as a Post Graduate Guidance Center by the University of Pune (Faculty of Science).

  Mr. Umbarkar (Biochemistry Lab):         020-66037321  
  Mr. Umbarkar (Endocrinology Lab):       020-66037365  
  Mrs. Satpute (Microbiology Lab):           020-66037359  
  Mr. Mane (Haematology Lab):               020-66037307  
  Mrs. Kamble (Histopathology Lab):        020-66037376  
  Mrs. Jogdand (Cytology):                     020-66037314  
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