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A large number of patients are left with residual deficits as a result of cerebrovascular lesions. Much can be done to mitigate disabilities so that patients can live a largely independent life in the community. Early institution of treatment is essential. Cooperation between physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapist and social workers improves the end result of physical and social rehabilitation of patients who have had a stroke or any other neurological disorder.


The department is equipped with short wave diathermy, ultrasound, traction, and muscle stimulation, electrotherapy and exercise machines like static cycle, Quadriceps Exercise and Shoulder exercise.


The unit also has had success in treating patients with Rheumatoid arthritis and other medical, surgical and peadiatric cases.

Mrs. Neelima A. Pathak, (B.Ph.T)
Mrs. Manasi Deshmukh (B.Ph.T)
Mr.Anirudha Nagarkar( B.P.Th)
Mrs.Paromita Sayil, B.Ph.T
Exercise Therapy

Physiotherapist helps the patient to relive the pain to maintain joint mobility and maintain the tone of the muscles with the help of Electrical equipments. The department is equipped with short wave diathermy, cervical traction, ultrasound therapy, muscle stimulation, interferential therapy and wax bath, etc.

  Exercise Therapy:  

Here, the physiotherapist helps the patient to get near normal functions with the help of exercises'. The department helps treating all types of cases like:

1. Orthopedic Cases: Fractures, Spondilytis, etc.
2. Neuro Case: Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, etc.
3. Surgical Cases: Cardiac, Larirectomy, etc.

Round the clock chest physiotherapy and exercise therapy is given to patients admitted in the Neuro ICU, Medical ICU, Paediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU. This is very important to avoid the chest complications and to maintain tones of muscle maintain range of motions of joints, as these patients are bedridden for a long period.

  Dr. Neelima Pathak: 020- 66037437  
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