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The Department of Pediatrics has evolved from a 6 bed general ward unit in 1968 to the present size of 40 general ward beds, 40 NICU beds and 10 PICU beds. Beds in the Nursing Home are also available. The Pediatric Department has a string of pediatric subspecialty services: Gastro-enterology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Nutrition, Development, Nuero-epilepsy, Hematology /Oncology, Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Neuro-trauma.

Dr. A.N. Pandit, M.D., D.C.H. (Director, Dept. of Pediatrics)
Dr. (Ms) Sudha Chaudhari, D.C.H., F.A.A.P (Consultant Pediatrician)
Dr. J.N. Deodhar, M.D, D.C.H. ( Consultant Pediatrician)
Dr. A. Mishra M.D. (Associate Consultant Pediatrician)
Dr. Avisnash Kinikar M.D., MRCP(UK), MRCP (Ireland)(Associate Consultant Pediatrician)
Dr. Madhumati Otiv, M.D (Intensivist, PICU)
Dr. U.V. Vaidya, M.D. (Chief Consultant Neonatologist)
Dr. Sandeep Kadam, M.D., D.M ( Associate Consultant Neonatologist)
Dr. Nandan Yardi, M.D( Paed. Epileptologist)
Dr. Koumudi Godbole, M.D.(Clinical Geneticist)
Dr. Ashish Bavdekar D.C.H., D.N.B (Paed. Gasteroenterologist)
Dr. Usha Pratap M.D.(Paed. Cardiologist)
Dr. Manoj Matnani M.D.(Paed Nephrologist)

The department has a team of trained nurses and qualified (DCh, DNB, MD) resident Pediatricians who attend to the immediate needs of the sick children.
The KEM Hospital is equipped with advanced neuro-imaging facilities, Cardiac 2-D echography and Doppler studies, nuclear imaging, EEG, blood gas and biochemical analysis, advanced microbiologic studies including bactec and blood bank service round the clock.


These services support and supplement the medical services provided in their Pediatric Ward and to the private patients in the Nursing Home section.


Before the year 2000, the Dept of Pediatrics referred critically ill children in the General Ward to the adult ICU for ventilation or dialysis. The PICU was setup in April 2000, with generous help from the Mukul Madhav Foundation and the Rotary Club, as an annexe of the Pediatric General Ward with 6 beds, dedicated staff and equipment for monitoring and resuscitation. Today the PICU has been expanded to 10 beds and is equipped for minute to minute monitoring of vital parameters including intra-arterial blood presure monitoring.


Each child is admitted under the supervision of an Intensive care Pediatrician and a PICU Consultant Pediatrician. Sub-specialists are involved in the care as and when required.


Occupancy has shown a steady rise over the years necessitating an ongoing expansion. In the earlier years the PICU served 20 to 30 sick children every month. That case load has now grown to 50 to 60 sick children per month.

The PICU receives referrals from Pediatricians within Pune and a 300 km radius around Pune including Jalna, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur, Baramati, Nasik, Dhulia, Lonavala.


The case load of PICU inpatients has a variegated profile. The more frequent admissions are for traumatic and non-traumatic coma, respiratory failures from pneumonias, asthma, congenital heart diseases, myocarditis, septic shock, diabetic ketoacidosis, liver diseases, renal failure, foreign body aspiration, accidental poisoning and animal bites. Children undergoing major pediatric surgery are monitored in the PICU peri-operatively.


Dr. Madhumati Otiv: 020-66037391
Email: picukempune@hotmail.com, madhu_otiv@hotmail.com

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