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  Diagnostics / Radiodiagnosis & Imaging  

The Department of Radio Diagnosis and Imaging at the KEM Hospital is one of the most well equipped departments in the city, providing various facilities round the clock to patients




It has qualified and experienced staff and not only provides service but also high-level academic back up for the clinical material that comes to the department.




The Team:




Dr. Dayanand Shetty, M.D, D.M.R.D (Director and Head of Department of Radio Diagnosis and Imaging.)




Dr. Arun S.Kinare, M.D., D.M.R.E (Head of Ultrasonography)



  Dr. Satish Pande, M.D.,D.N.B  
  Dr. Srikant Ambardekar, M.D  
  Dr. Supriya Gadekar, M.D  
  Dr. Sajid Tambe M.D.,D.N.B  
  Dr. Smita Kori M.D.,D.N.B  
  Dr. Archana Tambe, M.D  
  Dr. Sunil Chordia, M.B.B.S, DMRD (Asso. Consultant Sonologist)  
  The following facilities are available:  

1. Conventional radiography




The department is equipped with three conventional X-Rays machines, two of which are provided with image intensifier units are:

Barium Studies
Contrast Studies
  2. Computerized radiography  

An SP-100 unit installed recently has further improved the quality of the radiographs and interpretation of the radiographs and procedures


The department has 3 ultrasound machines and two portable machines in the ICU for beside Ultrasonography. A new Philips HDI ultrasound machine with high frequency, which has been recently installed, helps to perform High Resolution Sonography of the neck, thyroid, breast, Scrotum, skin, musculoskeletal system and orbit.

Colour Doppler
  The machines are equipped with Doppler facility to access.
a The Peripheral arterial and venous system
b Renal arteries,
c Portal System
d Carotid arteries
e Doppler for fetal IUGR, placental insufficiency, etc.
3. Computerized Tomography (CT SCAN)  

Siemens Somatom CT scan machine with laser camera with excellent image quality. CT scan of the brain, orbit, abdomen,paranasal sinuses, spine, musculoskeletal system etc. is carried out. High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) of thorax and temporal bones are also performed. The centre is open 24 hours to provide service to patients. The reporting is done immediately.

  4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)  

A 1.0 Tesla Magnetom MR machine that provides excellent soft tissue resolution, faster speed of imaging with a laser camera and automatic processor providing best image quality has been installed in the unit. MRI investigations of the brain, cervical, dorsal and lumbosacral spine, knee, shoulder, hips, etc. are carried out.




Mrs. Bhavana: 020-66037337

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