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Helping Hand

Indigent Patients' Fund
(Sept-2006 upto Mar-2013)

As per the High Court Order dated August 17, 2006, an Indigent Patients' Fund has been created. 2% of the gross Patient Billing is transferred to this fund each month.

KEM Hospital is a Non Government institution. It relies on the generosity of philanthropists, the common man and anyone who can and wants to make a difference.

Over half the patients who come to the KEM Hospital, Pune, are from middle and low-income families. For them medical treatment, especially hospitalization, can be a devastating financial burden.


The hospital tries to help by giving concessions or occasionally waiving all charges. However, the KEM Hospital is a charitable trust and has its own financial constraints.

Many of the patients need help for purchasing expensive medicines, orthopaedic and surgical appliances, hearing aids and corrective glasses, help for expensive but urgently required investigations and extra or even basic nutrition. When a patient with limited means requires major surgery or has to be admitted to the ICU, the family's resources may be insufficient and raising the amounts required is a distressing and daunting experience. The family members may have to incur debts, which may take years to repay, or sell whatever little they own to save the life of their dear one.The Department of Medical Social Work of the KEM Hospital works hard to raise funds to help such patients. It has set up a Poor Patients' Fund for this purpose. Meticulous records are kept and the fund is audited annually.


You can extend a helping hand to our poor, deserving patients by donating to the Poor Patients' Fund.

  Your help is needed:  

A Tuberculosis patient needs on an average Rs.750/- per month for the initial 3 months and then Rs. 600/- per month for another 15-18 months to become a productive member of society once more.

Cancer need no longer be fatal if it is treated in time. But chemotherapy is costly and beyond the means of most. A child who has Hodgkin's Lymphoma needs Rs.1,20,000/- for six months treatment and adults over 18 years need Rs.1,50,000 to recover fully from this form of cancer. Children in the range of 1 year to 10 years of age who have A.L.L or A.M.L types of blood cancer need around Rs.2,00,000/-, children who are between 11 years to 18 years need Rs. 3,00,000/- and adults over 18 years of age need Rs. 6,00,000/- for treatment, spread over 2 to 3 years.

A premature or very low birth weight baby may need lengthy hospitalization and expensive medicines if this precious life is to be saved. Today, even a baby who is less than 1 kg in birth weight can be helped to survive. But, the medicines alone cost about Rs.500 to Rs. 2000/- per day, depending on the baby's condition, for a period ranging from 1 month to 2 months. Another Rs. 800/- to Rs. 5000/- per day is required for the hospitalisation.

Renal (Kidney) failure cases need dialysis, which costs Rs.900/- per dialysis. Rs.1,20,000/- to Rs.1,60,000/- is needed for a kidney transplant. After the transplant, medicines ranging from Rs.4,500/- to Rs.7,000/- a month have to be taken for varying periods, sometimes lifelong.

Drugs required for a seriously ill patient in the Intensive Care Unit, often an emergency admission, may cost approximately Rs.4000/- to 10,000/- per day for several days. In the Paediatric (Children's) ICU, medicines could cost Rs.1000/- per day. Patients in the ICCU/ Neuro ICU require Rs. 3000 to 12,000/- per day.

Crippling and life threatening conditions, like Guillain Barre Syndrome can respond, almost miraculously, if treated immediately with drugs costing between Rs.75,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-

An accident, besides causing sudden disruption in the lives of the entire family, may require several thousands of rupees worth of medicines alone.


Blood transfusions save lives. There is no substitute for human blood. Every three seconds, someone somewhere is in need of blood transfusion. About 60 percent of the population is suitable to donate blood, yet less than five percent do. One pint of blood can save up to three lives. Almost everyone can contribute to saving a life by Blood Donation.


Fulfil your desire to "give back" to the community. It is safe, simple and saves lives.


The KEM Hospital earnestly appeals to all its well wishers to donate blood generously or sponsor the cost of transfusions. You can also enrol on our THALESSEMIA GIFT LIST (link to Thalessemia/ Blood Bank).

  Your generosity can save a life and, thereby, a family.  

The hospital is a Non-Government Organisation that gives excellent health-care to patients and will set standards for the rest of the country.


The KEM Hospital, Pune provides the best equipment for diagnosis and treatment and accommodation.


Any donation you feel able to give toward our hospital appeal, no matter how small will be most gratefully received.


Working together, we will help to shape the future.

If you wish to help, please contact the Department of Medical Social Work

The Department of Medical Social Work
Sardar Moodliar Road,
Rasta Peth, Pune-411011.
Tel: 020-66037369 between 1 pm & 4 pm.

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