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  TDH Rehabilitation Centre  

KEM Hospital has committed itself to the care of challenged children in 1979, with the inception of the TDH Rehabilitation Centre. Over the years, the Centre has grown into a multidisciplinary unit providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to mentally and physically challenged children under one roof. While investigating the causes of disabilities, it was soon realized that a large number of these arise from problems in the prenatal period.


The focus in the High Risk Clinic is early prediction of outcome and selection of infants who would benefit from early interventions. Early detection and treatment of infections is very important in reducing the alarmingly high post neo natal mortality, especially in very low birth weight babies.


Early intervention means identifying a baby who already has a handicapping condition or is at a potential risk for developing one, thus providing services to lessen the effects of that condition. This term encompasses a range of stimulation and training activities over and above the minimal care traditionally provided for all babies.


Follow up management of high-risk babies is as important, as critical care in an NICU, and there is an emphasis on linking the NICU, High Risk Clinic and the Rehabilitation Centre. Such linkages improve the quality of life beyond neonatal survival.


In 2007, through the generosity of Dr. Anjali Morris and Dr. Don Morris, the entire TDH Centre has been redesigned and re-equipped into a child friendly integrated unit. The Morris Child Development Centre encompasses activities such as Developmental Assessment, IQ, DQ & Emotional Assessment, Management of Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Developmental & Behavioural Counselling.

  Research and Training  

This department is recognized as a teaching unit of the B.J Medical College, Pune, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai and Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. Students of DM Neonatology from Chandigarh and Mumbai are posted in this hospital for their field of specialized training. Doctors, Nurses, and Therapists not only receive their training in KEM Hospital, but there are Exchange Training programs carried out at prestigious Institutes in India and abroad.


The Department of Paediatrics has to its credit many pioneering research studies acclaimed the world over. Research carried out in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis led to the eradication of the fatal liver disorder prevalent amongst children. Currently research is being carried out in long-term development of high-risk neonates and early origins of adult disease.

  Research Areas-  
Liver diseases
Metabolic disorders
Neonatal Respiratory Distress
Neonatal Infections
NICU environment
Environmental toxins, Breast milk and diseases
Computerisation of Service, Research and Data.

Consultants in the department have published several research papers in national and international journals and have authored chapters in textbooks. They have read research papers and have been invited as faculty at various national and international conferences.


Pediatric OPD/ Speciality OPD:
Sister-in Charge: 020-66037402

  Dr. U. Vaidya/ Dr. Sandeep Kadam: 020-66037344  
  Email: sumsum@eth.net  
  Dr. Madhumati Otiv: 020-66037391  
  Email: picukempune@hotmail.com  
  TDH Rehabilitation Centre:  
  Dr. Aarti Choudhari, Rehabilitation Officer: 020- 66037373  
  Mrs. Bindu Patni (Assessment & Management): 020-66037439.  
  Mrs. Bharti Patil (Occupational Therapy): 020-66037375  
  Mrs. Neelima Phatak (Physiotherapy): 020- 66037437  
  Ambulance Services:  
  020-66037344 or 66037426.  

Till recently, Pune lacked a centre and a programme especially for the hearing impaired child. KEM is the only hospital in Maharashtra which offers all the services needed for the hearing impaired; from a variety of tests to detect hearing loss to hearing aids, speech therapy, counselling and cochlear implants. All this under one roof at 'Big Ears'.


The first project of its kind in the country focuses on early detection and diagnosis of hearing.


All the babies born at KEM Hospital are screened for deafness before discharge from the hospital; special attention being paid to children in the Neonatal ICU as they are at risk to develop deafness.


The screening test used is Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE Test) hearing screening is mandatory. The screening programme is supervised by an audiologist, ENT surgeon and a Paediatrician.


There is an entire support system to ensure that all the therapies, facilities and aids needed by a child who has impaired hearing are available under one roof.


Children who test positive for hearing loss have to undergo a BERA test at the age of three moths and if this test confirms a hearing loss, a hearing aid is fitted, even as early as three months of age. The child then needs to undergo therapy, so that he/she can learn to listen and talk. A team consisting of a Teacher for the Deaf and a Speech and Language Pathologist ensure that every hearing aid is used in the best possible way. Parents too are involved in the training sessions.


For those children who do not get any benefit from a hearing aid, children who are totally deaf, the KEM Hospital offers Cochlear Implant Surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation program.

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